Ministry at VPC


All of the ministries at Valley Presbyterian Church are implemented by your pastors and elders and overseen by committees of Session making up the following L.I.F.E. Teams:

L-Team - Leading Others to Christ - Pastor Jason, Elders Bruce Mateko and Larry Shaw

The L-Team exists to facilitate the spread of the gospel, both globally and locally, through strategic missionary support and local evangelism and outreach efforts.

I-Team - Instructing God's People - Pastor Jason and Elder Alex Bryer

The I-Team exists to make disciples of Christ by teaching God's people the Word of God and its principles for the Glory of God.

F-Team - Fellowshiping with God's People - Pastor Ron, Elders Bob Gray, Dave McGuire, and Jack Riedinger

The F-Team exists to promote participation in the community of saints for encouragement, service, and the assimilation of visitors.

E-Team - Exalting God in Worship - Pastor Ron, Elders Ross deRoche and Jeff Oxman

The E-Team exists to provide excellently-presented, biblically-grounded worship which proclaims the gospel to all, edifying the body of Christ for the Glory of God.